Access DSL Modem through PPPoE – no longer works in 2.0_RC3

  • Under pfSense 1.2.3 I was running the setup described in,22330.msg115472.html#msg115472.  This process uses a DSL modem in Bridge Mode and consists of configuring an IP Alias for the firewall's WAN interface in the DSL modem's private LAN range ( in my case).  I used for the alias on the firewall's WAN and on the DSL modem's LAN side.  My real LAN behind the firewall lies in the block.

    A couple of firewall rules to permit traffic and an Outbound NAT setup are also required.  The AON rule is first in the NAT chain and takes anything from destined for and NATs it to be from  The last step was to execute the command ifconfig to set the alias on the WAN interface from the shell (or by including that shell command in the config.xml).  This all worked fine in pfSense 1.2.3 and I could browse to my DSL modem's LAN-side web interface to view stats and configure/restart the modem as necessary.  All of these steps are described along with screenshots in the linked thread.

    When I upgraded to pfSense 2.0-RC3, this configuration ceased to work.  I cannot access the DSL modem from my LAN.  The packets time out.  I see them hit the firewall inbound and get passed by my rule, but that's it.  Oddly, from the shell on the firewall itself I can ping the modem's LAN-side IP of and get a response.  Anyone have an idea what might have changed to pfSense 2.0 to break this setup?  It's like maybe the NAT rules are not processing in the order I think they are ???

  • Have you read this

  • @Metu69salemi:

    Have you read this

    I had not seen that.  Thank you very much for the reference.  It should resolve my issue.  It seems I need to work on my pfSense documenation search skills… :D

  • @bmeeks:

    It seems I need to work on my pfSense documenation search skills… :D

    you're not only one ;)

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