Port Aliases - No way to specify protocol? Need equiv to Cisco service groups

  • I read the doc: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Aliases

    There is no mention of how to specify different protocols. With other firewalls like Cisco, creating service groups (list of ports) are vital to reducing admin workload and error. I create a service group and add my list of ports / protocols. Very often my service group contains both TCP and UDP, and sometimes more. Most frequently I have groups for remote admin that include RDP, VMware vcenter, etc.

    I can't really tell from the pfsense docs or the GUI what a port alias really maps to. In its current form, it seems too limited to be very useful, but I'm hoping that its a lack of knowledge on my part.

  • When you create firewall rule, then you determine what protocols you want to allow or block. port aliases main job is to ease out to apply those rules. so you don't need to apply rule for every port you need

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