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  • hi all,

    newbie here in pf sense. what is the firewall rule to create when you want to make a LAN computer( say connect directly to the internet bypassing the Pf Sense firewall? i am having a very slow ftp download issue which i think will be solved by creating that rule but as a newbie would like to request any comments from all the pf sense gurus and users here. any help will be much appreciated. thanks

    edit: disabled the userland FTP-Proxy application on both interface but still very slow ftp transfer. i have a 3Mbps download/512kbps upload connection. Http download is fast. The only problem is when i download via ftp it is very slow. There is no installed squid package. ideas anyone? :-\

  • You can't "bypass" the firewall, it wouldn't be much of a firewall if you could.

    Have you confirmed that the pfSense host is the cause of the problem - if you directly connect your PC to your ISP do you get full speed FTP downloads from the same sites?

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    and how says its not the ftp server limiting download? What ftp server are you hitting?  What speeds are you seeing?

  • sorry for the very late reply of my first post. the download issue just went away when i installed pfsense to a new hardware.also upgraded it from 1.2.3 to the latest version and its working now. haven't rebooted it since last month.  ;D.

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