No DHCP on OPT1 Wifi

  • I can't get client to associate to my pfSense box with DHCP.  It works ok if I set everything up with STATIC IP.  Client is Backtrack 5, on compaq/hp netbook.

    pfSense 1.2.3
    x enable opt1 interface
    type=static (if dhcp then IP never gets set on client, and then no internet connection is made)
    x bridge with LAN
    Standard 802.11g
    x 802.11g only
    transmit power 99
    channel 11b/g-9  (same situation on -6 channel)
    x Enable WEP  (or)  x Enable WPA  (testing with both options either works or or does not work depending on Static/DHCP setting)
    x Enable DHCP server on LAN (no specific option for OPT1 interface, but it's bridged)

    Same client connected via ethernet to the LAN gets the DHCP and works ok.  A problem with bridging?

    Any suggestions?  It would be best to have DHCP functioning on the wifi so guests only need to know the guest password and not dream up IPs.

  • If you bridge the interface then you need to allow DHCP traffic.

    Create an allow-rule on the WLAN-interface above all other rules with:
    Protocol: UDP, Source:, source-port:68, destination:, destination-port:67

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