Mikrotik to pfsense ipsec VPN $200.00

  • I have 6 offices with Mikrotik's acting as the firewalls and they are using PPTP tunnels between the remote to the central offices for lan to lan vpn connectivity.

    I am looking to move them to pfsense as the firewalls but need to transition by slowly switching them to pfsense in each office.

    Need someone to help walk me through setting up a vpn tunnel between the mikrotik and the pfsense in a single location with the understanding that I will be doing this in each location.

    Process will be done via webex so that I may record the process to refer to it for the additional firewalls which need to be migrated.

  • Your best bet is probably the commercial support option, as has been suggested to others with similar requests.

  • Will the commercial support include giving me the ability to record the webex session of the support session?  If so then that would be worth it since I could go back to reference the information.

  • You'd have to ask the people you were paying ;)

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