PfSense 2.0RC and DD-WRT connecting via OpenVPN

  • I would like to connect a few staff from their home networks (using DD-WRT Routers) to the company network (running pfSense 2.0 RC). They need access to files on a Mac Server and will each have SIP Phones plugged into their routers.

    I would like to make it as simple as possible…

    Can anyone advise on how to set this up using pfSense 2.0? Any tutorials (I can not find anything specific regarding pfSense and DD-WRT OpenVPN links). Not sure how/where to place the config files pfSense creates.

    I imagine I will have issues with:

    1. QOS - I only want devices that need access hooked up... so probably some QOS issues ahead.
    2. OpenVPN - After installing and testing, I'm pretty annoyed in Windows 7 with the Run As Admin requirement (any real suggestions)... one reason why I'm reviewing the DD-WRT option instead.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Try this pdf file. Its some what out-dated but should get you in the right direction. I used this pdf a couple of years ago to setup a tunnel between pfsense and a dd-wrt router with a shared key

  • Thanks… was hoping for something DD-WRT specific that used the DD-WRT Web Gui... This one seems OpenWRT specific but I will give it a walk through tonight. Thanks!

  • I've been meaning to try it out thru DD-WRT GUI interface since it supports OpenVPN Server and Client.. You may have to add routes to it if you use the GUI.

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