Site-to-Site OpenVPN Slow File Transfer Speeds

  • I currently have 3 pfSense 2.0 RC3 servers setup, one in each of our offices, Office A, Office B, and Office C.

    We have Office A acting as an OpenVPN server allowing Office B and Office C to connect as clients.  I then also have Office B acting as an OpenVPN server, allowing Office C to connect as a client.  I have no issues seeing PC's on the network and everything is connected together well.

    My trouble comes with the file transfer speeds on the VPN.  Though each of our offices is getting 50 MB/s down and 10 MB/s up, I am only averaging around 444 KB/s when transferring files over the VPN.  I was wondering if there was possibly some configuration I might be missing that would allow faster speeds over the VPN.

    Our current OpenVPN Server settings are as follows:

    Server Mode:  Peer-to-Peer Shared Key
    Protocol:  UDP
    Device Mode: tun
    Interface: WAN
    Encryption Algorithm:  AES-128-CBC (128-bit)
    No Hardware Crypto Accelerator
    The "Compress tunnel packets using the LZO algorithm" option is enabled.

    I have attempted to disable the LZO compression and encryption options and neither provided a significant boost in file transfer speeds.  At this point I have run out of troubleshooting ideas and was hoping to find some direction that might aid me in remedying this issue.


  • Is your hardware sufficient to have those speeds with vpn?

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