Can't get remote logging of PPTP info working on 2.0RC3

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    After upgrading a box from 1.2.3 to 2.0-RC3 (Sept 11 snapshot), I noticed that the remote syslogging doesn't log all of the same information as 1.2.3 did. My main concern is the PPTP server logs (so I can easily go back through the logs to see the progress of an older PPTP connection). I currently have remote syslog enabled, and I have the "Everything" option checked. I see many log entries that come in (mostly firewall rule matches), but I never see the full PPTP log entries when some connects to the VPN. The only entries I see are one line entries that say when someone logs in or logs out.


    Sep 15 16:59:11 firewall-office2 root: login,pptpd0,,SOMEUSER

    Is there something else I'm missing to get these log entries back? It sounds similar to this issue:

    When I check "PPTP VPN Events", I actually start getting IPsec logging entries (that weren't getting there before), but no PPTP entries. Here is what my /etc/syslog.conf looks like with "PPTP VPN Events" and "Everything" checked.

    *.*                                      %/var/log/ntpd.log
    *.*                                      %/var/log/ppp.log
    *.*                                      %/var/log/pptps.log
    *.*                                      %/var/log/poes.log
    *.*                                      %/var/log/l2tps.log
    *.*                                      %/var/log/ipsec.log
    *.*                                      @
    *.*                                      %/var/log/openvpn.log
    *.*                                      @
    *.*                                      %/var/log/apinger.log
    *.*                                             %/var/log/relayd.log
    local0.*                                                                                 %/var/log/filter.log
    local3.*                                                                                 %/var/log/vpn.log
    local4.*                                                                                 %/var/log/portalauth.log
    local7.*                                                                                 %/var/log/dhcpd.log
    *.notice;kern.debug;;mail.crit;                  %/var/log/system.log
    news.err;local0.none;local3.none;local4.none;    %/var/log/system.log
    local7.none                                                                              %/var/log/system.log
    security.*                                                                               %/var/log/system.log;;                              %/var/log/system.log;                                                  |exec /usr/local/sbin/sshlockout_pf 15
    *.emerg                                                                                  *
    local3.*                         @
    *.*                                                             @

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