Pfsense 2.0 site-to-site with multiple clients[SOLVED]

  • I have a partial working site-to-site.

    Global Settings:
         p2p Shared Key

         Tunnel Network:
         Local Network:
         Remote Network:
         pfsense LAN IP:

         Tunnel Network:
         Remote Network:
         pfsense LAN IP:

    This is working As is - But I want to add another client

         Tunnel Network:
         Remote Network:
         pfsense LAN IP:

    Adding the client2 breaks the system.
    Problem 1: Both clients get the same virtual IP in each respective status page (
    Problem 2: Server only sees 1 client
    Problem 3: Everything works between Server and Client1 when Client2 is down and everything works between Server and Client2 when Client1 is down.

    I'm guessing I have to assign static IPs to each client with:ifconfig 10.8.0.X add the next route on each client:```

    What am I missing?

  • The solution to this problem is to have multiple site-to-site VPNs. You can have a site-to-site between two nodes, but adding clients will cause issues. For inter-connectivity 2 VPN servers and 3 clients are required. This makes a mesh network.
    Below is a diagram that outlines the solution. Adding a fourth client to the equation makes this even more complicated if inter-connectivity is required.

    If anyone would like to comment on this solution please do so!

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