RADIUS MAC Authentication

  • Hello,

    I haven't been able to find a post on this, but would gladly take redirection if I've missed it.

    I have a radius server using IAS on server 2003 R2 set for unencrypted authentication.

    I have 2 users, test and a MAC address (lets call this 0011223344ab for the purpose of this post). Both are setup with the username and password the same, e.g. test:test and 0011223344ab:0011223344ab.

    Using NTRadPing after adding my machine as a client I can authenticate as both users.

    When using the manual login page for the captive portal, both users work and then allow me through.

    However, I cannot get the MAC authentication to work.

    I have:-

    • RADIUS authentication radio selected.

    • entered the RADIUS server IP.

    • tried both blank secret and secret filled in.

    • ticked "Enable RADIUS MAC authentication" and tried both a blank secret and the secret filled in below the MAC authentication box.

    • MAC address format set to unformatted

    I'm sure I've tried lots of other little things without success. Does anyone know how to get automatic MAC authentication to work via RADIUS?

    (I know I could use the MAC passthrough, but I am using the data in the radius server for other purposes too and don't want to replicate data entry.)


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