Expired WebConfigurator Cert - Traffic Graphs problems

  • Hello,

    pfSense 2.0-RC3-pfSense (i386)

    I accidentally installed PFsense while the BIOS's date was set to the year 2006 ( or something close, can't recall). Everything has been running great until the CERT expired ( i fixed the date…). I managed to regain control of the webui by going back to HTTP, creating a new certificate and assigning it to HTTPS once I re-enabled it.

    My problem lies with Traffic Graphs now where each time I attempt to load them the WebUI just hangs on "waiting for...". The PFsense itself still works and no connections get dropped but the WebUI dies completly, HTTP or HTTPS.
    I have tried restarting the Webconfigurator via SSH but it just loops through ".......". Rebooting the server grants me access to HTTPS again until I try loading the traffic Graphs. I have removed the graphs from the main dashboard just to make sure it doesn't crash.

    I am planning on installing everything from scratch and loading my latest config file but thought it would be a good idea to share this with the community.

    Please let me know if anyone would like to troubleshoot this and I will fetch them the logs they need. Please keep in mind this box is in a production environment and so I might have to filter out some info.

    ********  Aside from this, massively great job with PFsense 2.0, I love the multi WAN \ gateway handling per service features along with Tier based priorities. ***********

  • I will only be able to provide logs up until this upcoming friday as I'm expecting to re-install pfsense on sunday morning.

    Steps to recreate:

    • install pfsense while BIOS date is set to 2005.
    • After installation is complete login and set webUI to HTTPS with default webconfigurator certificate.
    • Reboot pfsense and update BIOS date to 2011.
    • Once PFsense loads it will not allow login via HTTPs. An IP update will need to be made in order to switch back to HTTP ( or mod config file manually).
    • Once all this is done and running on new CERT, proceed to load the traffic graph page or dashboard page if you still have the graphs added to it. the web UI will hang and not be responsive again.

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