Multi WAN in load sharing & Failover with Firewall Rules

  • Hi All,
              I wanted to achieve Load sharing & failover with Filter rules

    LAN segment ( from this to needs to go WAN as a gateway and rest of the ip's should go OPT1 as a gateway..

    At the same time if anyone of the link goes all the ip's should go available link ..
            If WAN Fails all this 9 ip's should go OPT1 if WAN comes back it has to go WAN link
            If OPT1 Fails rest of above ip should go WAN if  OPT1 comes back it has to go OPT1 link

    Here is the setup details

    WAN (Static)
    LAN  –---
                  Opt1 (Dynamic-address)

    Kindly let me know how can we achieve this requirement with automatic..


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