Citrix and pfSense

  • I am experiencing issues with remote Citrix and RDP users where they are experiencing random disconnects every day and all day.

    This is new behavior and the only change I made to the firewall was changing the "Frequency Probe" in the EDIT GATEWAY | ADVANCED menu to a value of 10 from default.

    I have since set it back to 2 and the issue seems to have been resolved which does not make sense to me.

    I have also gone to the SYSTEM |ADVANCED | FIREWALL/NAT settings and changed the "Firewall Optimization Options" to "High Latency Links"

    Is there any special tuning I need to do on PFS to make it tolerate ICA port 1494 connections (other than NAT)???

  • My XenApp server has the following ports forwarded to it:

    80 - HTTP
    443 - HTTPS
    1494 - ICA
    3389 - MS RDP
    2598 - "Session Reliability"

  • Thanks.

    I am fine with the port forwards, just the reliability of the connections is a problem. 
    seems like pfsense is cutting the connections or expiring them prematurely?

  • Nope, no issues here.  Even runs fine over a weak 3G signal.

    Is your internet connection stable?

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