Openvpn up to 100 mbs throughput : what to buy ?

  • Hello Everybody,

    I have a 100 mbs download cable connection (6 Mbs upload).
    I want to run an openvpn client toward my vpn provider and tunnel all my traffic.
    i am looking for a hardware able to handle this.
    i suppose, it would need at least a atom based hardware or even more powerfull.
    I am looking for a hardware where i could install pfsense.
    I had a look at soekris product line but even the net6501 does not seems powerfull enough.
    I dont want to spend around 500 euros, if i am not sure that i will have the expected performance.
    i hope in this forum, people have already a solution for me.

    i tested previously a WNDR3700 (cpu 680 MHz / RAM 64MO) with dd-wrt with openvpn client but i cannot do better than 2MO/s (16 mbs).
    If i use a MiniPC with coreI3, it will be able to reach 9.5 MO/s but i dont want to have a PC

    Thx in advance for your feedback,


  • When I said to ask in the OpenVPN mailing lists, I didn't mean here ;)

    They have their own forums and mailing list. That's where you'll find people with lots of experience of running OpenVPN and what your options may be.

  • Does your VPN provider limit bandwidth?

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