Empty firewall log

  • Hi,
    After searching through the post on this forum i haven't found any information regarding my problem.
    Yesterday, I have installed Country Block and since then (I think it happened at the same moment) my pfSense stop logging any information in my firewall log. A reboot did not changed anything.

    Did anyone of you have this kind of problem?

    Thank you really much
    (Sorry for my english.)

  • Well,
    I have uninstall Country Block + reboot my system and my log are working fine.
    Is it normal that Country Block prevents my system from logging any hit on my firewall?

    Once again,
    Thank you really much

  • I talked to fast in my last post…

    My log worked for about 2 seconds and since my last message, not a single entries was added to the log.

    Seems like the problem might be something else.

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