Possible to have clients recieve address from internal lan subnet

  • Looking to get clients to appear as if they're on my internal LAN (same subnet)

    and if so, would broadcasts come through?

  • Yes, it's called Bridge mode (tap) instead of Routed mode (tun). At that point broadcasts will cross the VPN, with the associated overheads.

  • Thank you for the reply that was most helpful.

    Now I have a couple other questions lol.

    When I was using tun I set a tunnel network  My internal LAN being

    Do I set the tunnel network to the same as my internal LAN?

    Also what IP addresses will be assigned?  I'd like to relay DHCP to my internal server but in the DHCP relay config there is no option to bind it to the OpenVPN interface.

    Thanks so much for anymore help.

  • There is no tunnel network - when using TAP the client is effectively directly connected to the LAN. It gets a DHCP lease from the LAN DHCP server.

    I would recommend you read the OpenVPN documentation so you understand the basics of what you're dealing with.

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