How to block an ip address to specific mac address

  • Hello,
    how can i limit an ip address to use a specific mac address using arp ?

  • dhcp reservation with mac, you can set exact ip

  • Hi
    My mean is that do something which ip only works if it,s mac address will be xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and that ip will drop if other mac try to use it, i want have anti ip spoofing with it

  • Sorry don't know any means to do that –> someone who has more knowledge about pfsense

  • I also want to restrict LAN connectivity to specific machines.  In pfSense's DHCP server, I've created static entries for the designated machines.  I've also selected both "Deny unknown clients" and "Enable Static ARP entries".

    Is there anything else that I can do in pfSense to further prevent unauthorized access?  Would it be useful to create additional firewall rules, or would that just duplicate pfSense's implementation of the DHCP server options?

    In my case, said pfSense instance is a VM in VirtualBox, with LAN bridged to one of the host interfaces.  Are there vulnerabilities in the way pfSense and VirtualBox interact that might permit unauthorized access?  Maybe that's a question for the VirtualBox forum  ;)

    Edit: I forgot to note that I've also set the available range to (effectively null).

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