Packets forwarding.

  • Is it possible to forward all packets from pfsense box for a specified mac address ?

  • Forward from where to where? Can you elaborate this a bit?

  • I have a Wireless network with PPPoE authorization. I don't want to use encryption eg. WEP, WPA on wireless interfaces. I need to do packet forwarding from pfsense box (LAN interface) to our authorization server with PPPoE.    pFsense LAN –-------------> mac addess of ethernet card (PPPoE server). This future you can see in Proxim AP (The Packet Forwarding feature can be used to redirect the traffic from the wireless clients to a host. The MAC address of this host should be configured below. All the packets received by the access point from associated wireless clients would be forwarded to this host. Optionally, the interface on which the host is located (Ethernet or WDS) can be specified. If an interface is not specified, the access point will use the port stored in the bridge learn table). If you can help with this, would be nice :) Regards.

  • I don't think something like this is possible currently. You only can forward/redirect IP-Adresses but not MACs. If I get you right you would need a source based natting which is currently not supported in the gui either.

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