Request: simple lightgray theme

  • Ok, so I would like to make a small request gui-wise:

    • A simple lightgray theme without any special effect or gfx…Just plain, like in...plain beer?...
    • Option of dropdown menus or traditional left | right navigation

    Thanks. and keep up the splendid work!

  • You have seen the pfsense and pfsense-dropdown themes?

  • I case you don't know where to change the themes, it's under system>advanced in the webgui.

  • @sullrich:

    You have seen the pfsense and pfsense-dropdown themes?

    Yes I have. I'm sorry for beeing such a complainer, but nevertheless, I prefer light and simplistic themes. In fact I would prefer to have black/white without any gfx over any of the existing options. Sorry once again  :-(

  • The pfsense theme is pretty minimal…  What don't you like about that one?

  • If you come up with such a theme we might consider including it. However, buttons still have to be graphics but they are only 17x17 pixels. Choose a 2 color format for them if you make them pure black&white.

  • It's the gfx, specically header.gif, also I would like to have base html dropdown menus as some packages interfere with the javascript dropdown menus.
    I would be glad to create a simple/small theme as long as I would know the whereabouts of the specification.

  • pfsense-dropdown sounds like what you're looking for then.

  • No, It is not. But it doesn't matter. I can modify some of the existing themes until I know how to create a proper one (ie. theme specification, whereabouts of .css, gfx, tags and the like)

    ps. by dropdown menus I mean the basic html dropdown stuff

    <select name="that_page">...etcYes, I rather use something cooler (such as the included themes), but as long as built-in pages and/or packages get's in the way of javascript dropdown menus I rather have the plain vanilla stuff…Oh, btw. I'm sorry for taking up anyones time with these non-essential things. We all know that this topic doesn't really matter to what pfsense is doing. It's just me, I can't help myself thinking about layout...</select>

  • Well, take the pfsense theme:

    and make it all b/w?

  • sullrich et al.

    Thank you for comenting. Please notice my modified posts.
    It doesn't really matter. This is a non-issue.
    Also, respectfully - no, none of the suggestions fits what I want to do. Sorry

    I just have this thing that I want to modify the layout of web-thingies to suit my idea of nice and clean layout. Of cource my idea of layout wont suite all (maybe no-one) I still want to know how I can change the layout and maybe contribute….

    Certainly I would be able to modify whatever is out there. But I'd like some continuance. I would't want to redo my modifications for every update, hence the wish for a theming specification

    Ok, so I'll take an existing theme and modify it to my heart's content and post it for review.
    I will do that. Please don't expect a contribution tomorrow or the like, I pretty much have used my spouse allocated time for this weekend

  • All themes are located here:

    Each directoryname is displayed as selectable theme in the dropdown at system>advanced (unless it starts with "_").

    The all.css has all the colorinformations and the menu layout.

    The other folders in the themedirectory hold the graphics for buttons, bars and so on.

    For getting files up and down your pfsense enable ssh and logon with using user root and password <webguipassword>.

    Good luck.</webguipassword>