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  • Hi!

    I have a setup with 4 pfsense installations.
    Now I had the idea to write a php application to gather different rrd graphs from all this machines and display those on a single page.
    For example a page which displays the quality graphs of all machines…

    so my problem is now, that if I load the "status_rrd_graph_img.php" via curl, it redirects me to the login page...
    is there a way to remove the requirement to login for this page? Or do I have to "fake" a login everytime?

    Or is there perhaps an other way to get the graph images?

    Thank you!

  • I'm assuming this is version 2.0 because I noticed the same behavior in 2.0 when I switched from 1.2.3. Under the Advanced settings page there should be an option to help you with your problem. I forget what it is but I'm sure you can find it by looking around.

    Would you consider sharing your source with us so that we can do the same thing. Right now I'm using iframes to do what you are doing.

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