• I have a basic unauthenticated webpage (e-mail / library card / PIN) that then directs to a Google Analytics page.

    I'm looking to capture statistics from this page and the database:

    1. E-mail address
    2. Library Card (if one is entered)
    3. MAC address
    4. IP address issued
    5. Lease start for session
    6. Lease stop for session

    1-2 from my page
    3-6 from the database.

    Can anyone suggest the best way of going about this?

    –New coding?
    --Is there a file in pfSense I can download and edit, then use as custom log-in page?


  • Sorry if unclear….

    Capture user e-mail & or library card from Captive_portal page
    Then use db information // logs.

    As pfSense does have logs in the GUI, it appears that all the information I'd like in a back-file are present already.

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