Captive Portal Https Login

  • Greetings! I have set my captive portal for user authentication. so good and excellent performance! But I want to set the portal page as https.
    I follow the procedure:
    System->Cert Manager
    then i made the "Internal Certificate Authority" in the CAs tab.
    Then i made the "Internal Certificate" base on the certificate authority.
    Later i download the cert and the key and paste on the CP configuration page in the fields https certificate and https private key respectively.
    In the CAs tab i made the intermediate certificate authority base on the internal certificate authority.
    In every one of them, the common-name is the same, and also in the cp page configuration https server name.
    The problem is that when the https login is enable, the portal page doesnt load so the clients are not able to authenticate.
    Please, i would appreciate all the help in order to solve this, maybe it is something that i am missing, but so far i am not able to set up the https login.

  • i put the ip of my server pfsense in "HTTPS sever name" and works
    i dont speak english very well…

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