Captive Portal + FreeRadius Server + Internet access for specific period of time

  • G'day people.  I've been searching for some answers, but haven't found any, so here is my question.

    When using the Captive Portal with Radius Authentication (FreeRadius) are the following possible?:

    1. Create a user that once logged in, will have a specific time of Internet access. e.g 2 hours.  After that, his account expires and cannot use it anymore.

    2. Automatically remove/delete the account after it has expired

    3. Is it possible to have only PINS, so users are not required to enter a 'username', just their pin number?

    Many thanks for your help and time.


    1. you mean vouchers? those are supported

  • Metu69salemi,

    No, not vouchers, I am specifically talking about using Freeradius server for all the above scenarios/questions.

    Thank you!

  • my bad, sorry

  • are you planning to use a free radius with database server like postgresql or mysql?

  • I dont know about using the FreeRADIUS package if that is what you are thinking.. but all this is possible with an actual external FreeRADIUS server.  I do basically all of this already with FreeRADIUS with MySQL backend, and daloRADIUS for web management

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