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  • I am pretty sure the answer to this is no, but figured i would leave it up to smarter people to confirm.

    I have a high speed modem that is configured to basically just bridge my high speed connection to my pfsense box.  So the high speed modem is not doing any nat'ing and does not receive a public ip from my isp.  The high speed modem is configured for a private ip of, and the pfsense box is configured for a private ip of along with a public ip from my isp.  Just to clarify, here's a breif diagram.

    ISP –> High Speed Modem ( --> pfSense ( LAN and WAN)

    Is there a way to access the high speed modem web interface on from my local lan behind pfsense?  I tried adding a static route for the but that made no difference.  I'm basically trying to avoid having to plug a machine directly into the high speed modem to view the web interface.

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    your drawing is bit confusing, why are you putting lan before wan?  And why did you put your lan on the same network as your modems – that is going to be an issue, since why would you even hit your pfsense box on your lan when trying to go to a IP on the same network as your lan machines.

    So my cable modem interface, so say type of connection as you

    so mine

    internet --- modem ( ---- (wan 24.13.x.x) pfsense (lan

    Not having any problems accessing my modem status page from my lan.  But there is a pfsense doc write up about accessing if having a problem

  • The thing that you need to change is the modem IP and the pfsense LAN ip range. They cannot be on the same subnet. Change that and your issue should be corrected.

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    changing the modem IP might be an issue, but just changing lan should work - if not then you will have to do the write up as linked to..  Mine just works, I can access from any of my lan machines without any special config on pfsense to allow for it.

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