Using An Image for Submitting

  • After upgrading to 2.0, we've been having some issues with the Captive Portal in our company - after submitting the page simply refreshes it, without it being processed.  We couldn't identify why the captive portal system would appear to work, and then suddenly stop, after verifying that no Radius requests were being sent out.

    We seem to have pinpointed the issue, which is that our login page contained an Image input, and not a Submit input, to make it more visually appealing.

    After replacing the image with a standard Submit input, the form is now properly processed by pfSense, pulling up the error page or at least processing the request.

    To confirm, is it a requirement that we can't use an Image input named "submit", as can normally be done with forms?

  • My HTML manual says input type=image is the same as type=submit except the submit button is replaced with an image and the mouse coordinates are also sent to the form processor.

    Perhaps there is a problem with the coding of the HTML form OR the form processor is barfing on the coordinates. Please post the form section of the page.

  • pfsense adds a "captiveportal-" prefix to all files uploaded, so ensure you're referencing the correct new filename of the image file in your html form.

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