Which mini-PCI-e Atheros card?

  • Hello all,

    Building a new PFsense router/firewall and am now looking for a mini PCI-e card.

    I know I want an Atheros chipset.

    I would like a 5ghz N card though I know that current freeBSD and thus PFsense 2.0 doesn't support N yet but I would like to have it capable should it come out…

    Just plan to run it in legacy mode (b and g) till N comes out.

    Anyone have a recommendation?


  • So far I have had the best luck with cards based on the ar9280 chip.  I have 1 card with a ar9285 chip that is giving me intermittent troubles (in ap mode) and could be a defective card.
    Now if I could only find a usb dongle that works :(

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