Refresh of WebGUI repeats last action

  • I'm using the 03-08-07 snapshot and found this interesting issue:

    Refreshing the page on the WebGUI will repeat the last action.

    For example:  During testing, I disabled CARP on one box to simulate it crashing.  To watch how quickly it fails over and see the reaction of the second firewall, I kept refreshing the web page.  I couldn't figure out why it kept coming back on, then off, then on, etc.  I had 2 very seriously angry  >:( firewalls and couldn't figure out why ??? .

    I noticed that it also does it when rebooting/powering off the firewall (that was the clue to finding the symptom).

    Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Any thoughts on why it's happening (other than it just being Microsoft)?


    PS  It also occurs under Firefox V2.0.0.1

  • This is known.  You should not refresh the page..  Use the Navigational bar.

    Same thing happens in m0n0wall, too.

  • Refreshing the page will cause the web page to be called again, and that will redo the  action. Its how web pages work, so its not really a bug, its how web based user interfaces work.

  • Unless the interface is completely ajax based but that is a different story  ;)