[RESOLVED] Aviod popping up logout page and manual address logout

  • Hi all,
    many few day ago I tried to make a modified captive portal code in section of logout page to avoid a popup logout windows. and I tried with my office, it's working correct with feature.
    1. no popping up windows
    2. call back a logout page by address like
    completely testing on pfsense release 2.0 x86 platform

    so would like to share with other platform maybe helpful.  ;D

    Download Captiveportal.rar code
    it containing with 3 files

    • captiveportal.inc
      original location \etc\inc\

    • index.php
      original location \usr\local\captiveportal

    • services_captiveportal.php
      original location \usr\local\www

    to make a try, turn off your captive portal first, replace those files with correct location and start your captive again
    pls. share is it working with other??

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  • add automatic redirect in 5 sec
    edit file captiveportal.inc

    add new meta tag in section of …....



  • thanks Zcache!!

    this worked great in my setup!! helped avoid alot of problems with customers complaining about logging out.

    now my next challenge is to convert the user input to lowercase as to avoid headaches with incorrect usernames because of case-sensitive. (Specially true with IOS devices and the first letter defaulting to caps!)

  • Hello.
    How can I replace the files?

  • Oh, i found it! Web Interface -> Diagnostics -> Edit File

  • I have seen in other captive portals where the word "logout" is typed in browser address bar.

    This is much simpler  solution, but how to implement it?

    It needs some intercept/analysis of http request for word "logout" and then redirect to the logout URL.
    Maybe this could be put in captive portal code or squid proxy config or where?

    Also, would be useful to type "status" into address bar and get page back showing time remaining, etc.

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