Firewall in Bridge or Transperent Mode

  • Hi All,
    I am newbie here and need your help. I have gone through all same topics but didnt work.

    I want to put PFsense as firewall before our Bandwidth management and router i.e Mikrotik as of now.

    LAN (PPPOE CUstomers) –> Switch --> PFSense --> Mikrotik
    LAN IPs would be 202.x.x.x
    Mikrotik would 202.x.x.2

    PFsense LAN IP- 10.x.x.x
    WAN IP- 202.x.x.3
    I want to put PFSense as transperent mode so users dont come to know about it and it works as Firewall.

    I have bridged LAN & WAN. And created rules on firewall to disable ICMP to
    Its not working.

    As i dont know how to keep PFsense in transperent mode and how it would be placed in network, request your help.


  • When using bridge, you must use same network/subnet on both sides.

    You can also leave lan and wan without ip and set it on the bridge interface that you created.

    Check system tunables for bridge filtering  options.

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