Using AVM Fritzfax behind pfSense

  • Hi there!
    I'm quite new to firwalling rules so I got a question concerning my Fritzbox-Router.

    Well, my LAN ( is separated from my cable-router ( Fritzbox 6360)) by a pfSense 2.0

    My PC ( should use the faxsystem in my Fritzbox ( .
    As I read port 5031 TCP/UDP is neccessary for this.
    I opened this port but the setup can't find the box.
    I also tried to start the setup with the "-ip" option, but nothing changes.

    Please, let me know what to set up exactly.

    Thansk in advance for your kind help


  • Know how this protocol works is the first thing you must do before creating any rule.

    If you don't have a clue from fax provider, you can find by your self.
    Free access from your machine to fax.
    open console and tcpdump all communication between fax and machine.
    After that create your rules.

  • Thanks for your answer. But that is nothing I can handle.
    I need some help to get the rules running in pfsense.
    I don't know how to set up this rule in a working way.
    Anyone? Please….

  • First, is the Fritzfax box on the WAN interface? If so, did you disable the block private LAN address in the properties of the WAN interface? LAN usually has an allow all rule. Did you remove this? Where are you putting this allow rule? Can you provide a little more detail on he setup?

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