Floating Firewall Rule not working

  • I'm trying to block all LAN traffic from reaching one node on the LAN (I'm forcing everything to go through openvpn to connect, be it from the LAN or the WAN to this node) and I've added a floating rule to block any traffic from any source to any port on the one device (using an alias that is assign to a statically assigned IP).  After setting and applying this rule, I am still able to browse out and access the device directly over the LAN without having to go through the vpn; any ideas on what I am doing wrong?  Don't floating rules get applied first before any other rules?

    2.0-RELEASE (i386)
    built on Tue Sep 13 17:28:43 EDT 2011

    I've uploaded two attachments, but not sure how to work the img tags.



  • If your nas is on lan, all machines on lan will reach it without asking anything to firewall.

    There is no route on same network.

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