SOLVED - Firewall Schedules

  • Maybe I'm just misinterpreting the settings, but how do you set the schedule to repeat everyday indefinitely? Looks like you can only set the schedule to run for one year, then an admin will have to manually configure the schedule to run again for the next year. Am I not reading this correct???

  • Never mind, I see now at the bottom that if you select a single day it adds it as that individual day, however when you select a range (say weekly) it adds it in as that range which looks like it does extend infinitely. Sorry for the dumb question. Maybe this will help someone else out that just isn't reading the config properly.

  • Same question, is there a way to define a firewall schedules for every day the full year?
    It's a lot of work to create the rules by month…  :'(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Click the column header to select every day of the week individually. When they are all selected, it will mean "every day" and it doesn't just apply to the selected month.

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