[solved] OpenVPN connects but I can't talk to LAN subnet

  • Sorry for starting a new thread, I found another thread about this but reply was locked out.

    I just upgraded to pfsense 2.0 this morning, and decided I wanted to try setting up a VPN.  I found a couple of turorials about it and followed the instructions.

    I set up an OpenVPN server, creating the required certs and a user, and let pfsense do most of the configuring via the new wizard. After completing the setup, my OpenVPN client connects, but I can't get traffic across.  The LAN PCs can't ping my client, and my client can't ping anything on the LAN, including the Pfsense box itself.

    My setup is fairly straighforward.  I have 2 interfaces in the Pfsense box, 1 LAN on subnet and WAN which is DHCP from cable provider.

    In the VPN setup, I specified the tunnel network to be and to allow access to my local network

    After my OpenVPN client connects, I checked ipconfig.  I got issued, which appears to be in the tunnel I specified, except that the subnet is  There is also no Gateway listed for that interface.

    Any insight?

  • OpenVPN is using a /30 subnet.
    First address is network address
    second is openvpn server
    third openvpn client
    fourth broadcast address

    Thats the way OpenVPN is working.

    After creating the OpenVPN server there comes up an additional tab in your firewall rules. You have to allow traffic from your OpenVPN network ( to your remote Network ( Without firewall rules there is no access.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    There is already a rule in the OpenVPN tab under Firewall Rules that says
    Proto *, Source *, Port *, Destination *, Port *, Gateway *, Queue none, Schedule blank

    Just for the hell of it I tried adding another rule specifically allowing anything from the OpenVPN interface to and I also have a firewall allowing all LAN traffic to * under the LAN tab, but just for the hell of it I added one specifically allowing to (I am getting issued, so the network address should be, right?)

    Nothing changed, however.  I am still unable to get any traffic to my LAN subnet or even to the Pfsense box itself…although port 1194 from the WAN is obviously reaching the Pfsense box from the net (I authenticate).

    It doesn't seem like a firewall access problem.  Maybe it's a routing issue? Do I need to somehow add a route somewhere telling the packets where to go?

  • @dlogan:

    Please post screenshots of your:

    • OpenVPN Server config

    • Firewall rules on OpenVPN and WAN

  • If you're running windows vista/7 you have to run openvpn client as administrator, so it has rights to add that route to your vpn

  • @Metu69salemi:

    If you're running windows vista/7 you have to run openvpn client as administrator, so it has rights to add that route to your vpn

    This was exactly my problem.  Ran the client as admin, now VPN is fully working.  Thank you very much, sir!

  • np, once in a while i share the same boat

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