2 vlans and two login pages

  • Hi
    I have two vlans, guests and students. Students are authenticated with radius, guests by vouchers everything work fine. But I want to display different login pages to them. For students vlan login page with only username and password and for guests vlan page only with voucher input method. I need it becouse guests are only wireless and i dont want students connecting to it.

  • Only possible in 2.1 really.

  • You probably need an external RADIUS server for this. The way we solve the problem here is that internal users are going directly through pfSense with its own page, guests use a DD-WRT enabled WiFI router with chillispot. Both pfSense and Chilli authenticate against a Freeradius server (that runs the portal pages for Chilli as well). Radius is managed through the free Daloradius web interface.

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