Can't access WEBGUI after removing https

  • I enabled HTTPS under the advanced section. I then needed to test something so I set it back to HTTPS. Now I can't access the webgui. What can I do from the command line to iether re-inable HTTPS or revert back to http properly?

  • You can via gui reset webconfigurator or reassign ip to interface.

    While reaplying ip, pfsense ask abou revert gui to http.

  • Thanks for that. I can't access gui, only server tex tmenu. That only has restart webconfiguratior. I have tried that and reset the ip. In neither case was i asked if i wanted to revert to http….. so still can't reach the webgui.

  • Sorry, try all I told you via console.

  • If you set nonstandard port while using https, then you should use that same port, but you'll need to use http

    and as marcelloc said assigning interfaces on console is the key to revert gui to http

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