Suppressing firewall log output

  • I'm getting a lot of IGMP packets being sent to me, and the best thing I can figure out is that they are coming from my provider's CPE equipment (Comcast) and trying to hit my assigned subnet as a result (destination is, and my understanding is that will hit all subnets?):

    I took a random sampling of the many source IP's that are currently listed in my logs and they all belong to Comcast. I want to keep the traffic blocked as I use no other services from Comcast except my internet connection (I'm on a business plan with 5 static IP's) but the logs are driving me crazy.

    Is there a way to suppress these particular entries? Didn't see an option in the GUI, but thought I may have missed it before I go digging into config files…

  • Create a block rule without logging before this rule that is loggin all blocked traffic.