Outbound FTP (pasv)

  • Hello guys,

    I have a working FTP-setup with active connections. All clients are able to connect active. Clients within company firewalls etc aren't.

    I use two WAN-connections, and one is active.
    PFS 2.0, latest build
    Now I need people to enable to connect PASV. I opened up via NAT the FTP port (21) to FTP-server (Filezilla) and PASV ports 55900-55960.
    FTP server responds PASV with my domain IP. But it isn't getting outside to the client.
    PFS - Disable the pf ftp proxy handler = 1 and put in 0 doesn't help.

    Active WAN-interface –> auto rule by NAT
    LAN --> Source LAN net to with ports 8000-8030   (I don't get port range... but it is in de docs) Docs are not good for setting up PFS2.0 FTP.

    What I see, incoming FTP traffic is ok by FTP-server. FTP-server reacts with my external IP and x*256+x numbers. But my client isn't receiving any message and get stuck on "waiting PASV" (Filezilla client)

    HELP, what else should I do?

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