OpenVPN Clients cannot be exported via WEBGUI

  • hi,

    I have an pfSense 2.0 System on an alix-board. OpenVPN is running, it is however anyhow not possible to export the created clients.

    The report on the GUI:

    "NOTE: If you expect to see a certain client in the list but it is not there, it is usually due to a CA mismatch between the OpenVPN server instance and the client certificates found in the User Manager."

    Has anybody an idea what to do. Here are some - unfortunately german - screenshots.

    Thank you for your help.



  • I just setup OpenVPN for the first time myself. I seen the exact same thing in Client Export. For me the problem was that I had to create a cert. for my user account. Goto "System > User Manager" edit the user you want to have access and check the box for "Click to create a user certificate"

    This worked for me

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    From those screenshots it doesn't appear that you have any client certificates, which as justsomeguy6575 found would make that list show up empty. Make some client certificates for users from the same CA as the server certificate and they should show up.

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