• So…  I configured OpenVPN on my 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-03-08-2007.  Except, there are always two entries in the server tab.  One that is completely blank (no I can't delete it) and the other one is the configuration that I want.  I see in /var/etc/ there were two configurations, first blank, the other has my stuff.  So I whacked them all and deleted the one I had configured from the web interface.  I deleted all of the openvpnserver tags in the config.xml and figured I'd start fresh.  But the blank one is always there.  Why?  Where is this pulled from?  Even with nothing in config.xml it still shows up.  And I can't edit the blank one without having a new one created.

    This a problem with just the SNAP I'm using?

    ??? ??? ???


  • Remove the <config>entry in the XML by downloading the configuration, change it and restore it.

    <openvpnserver><config><– delete</config></openvpnserver>

    <openvpnclient><config><-- delete</config></openvpnclient>

    I just verified that it does not show up in the latest snapshot ISO.  Not really sure how those entries are appearing?  How old is this install?</config>

  • Didn't help in the build I had.  I moved to the latest snap and it's fixed now.