Broadcom Firmware not loading

  • What is the value of:
    #define FIRMWARE_MAX
    in /sys/kern/subr_firmware.c

    The reason I ask is that there is not enough space to load the firmware for my BCM4318. It is recommended that FIRMWARE_MAX be set higher so that the firmware can be loaded. This is a kernel value that must be compiled in. I would like to see if I can set that higher so that I can get my broadcom wifi working.

  • I am resurrecting an old thread here, but it seems to be one of the only references out there to the problem I am having.

    I have installed pfSense on an HP Mini 1154NR with a Broadcom wireless card installed. I copied the firmware to the /boot/kernel folder and the boot/firmware folder and made the permissions match using chmod.

    When I run the command "kldload /boot/kernel/bwn_v4_lp_ucode.ko" I get this error:

    Jul 19 18:51:14 pfSense kernel: firmware_register: cannot register image bwn_v4_lp_lp0initvals14, firmware table full!
    Jul 19 18:51:14 pfSense kernel: module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (bwn_v4_lp_ucode_fw, 0xc5365e70, 0) error 6

    It appears from other postings that raising the default value of the FIRMWARE_MAX setting in the subr_firmware.c file and then recompiling the kernel image esolves this problem, but that is well above my skill level at this moment.

    Perhaps the OP and myself have overlooked something and are making this too difficult?