Tun0 interface block upon non-graceful shutdown of the pfsense server

  • In filter.log file following message was observed when the pfsense server booted up after a non graceful shutdown.
    Subsequently I am not able to access the LAN from remote.

    Also noticed was a workaround. After I filled out a nat rule and then deleted the rule this block on tun0 disappeared.

    The question I have is how do I set up pass for interface tun0 so that this rule is persistant. On the GUI I do not find a tab for tun0 in the firewall rule section along with other tabs WAN and LAN.

    I am using pfsense version pfsense-livecd-1.0 release.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated.


  • Upgrade to the recent snapshot.

  • Will upgrade to release 1.0.1
    Much appreciated


  • No, a snapshot.  Not 1.0.1.