Cpu Graph Widget not available on SMP based system (Core2Quad Q8400)

  • Hello,

    I had pfSense 2.0 running in a VMWare machine and there I had a Cpu Graph Widget on the dashboard.
    BUT when installing on my new router platform with SMP Core2Quad Q8400 the Cpu Graph Widget
    is not available to select/add to the dashboard.  (it's just not there in the list)

    Is this a bug / known limitation or is it something strange with my installation ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It had some issues and was removed prior to 2.0-RELEASE. If you still have the widget, you must have upgraded from an older snapshot which included the widget (or been on 1.2.3 with the Dashboard package)

  • Ok, then I know.

    I was running 2.0 later betas or RCs and upgraded to 2.0 Final.

    Another thing:
    Do you know, by any chance, if someone is working on implementing temperature information (MB and/or CPU) ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not sure anyone is actively working on that. someone on the forum had some graphing working. not sure anyone submitted patches.

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