XenServer (free) + 2.0 RELEASE amd64 (Virtual Interfaces)

  • Xen Server auto assigns each NIC 4 virtual interfaces by default and i'm having connectivity issues.

    my virtual pf pulls a WAN dhcp and can ping outbound but can't be pinged (which is probably not configured to respond but I can't get in to change that) - I haven't setup a serial connection yet because I've had trouble connecting via Serial… and its probably not turned on. I have no clue how to do anything via command line (but i'm willing to try/learn).

    I am making an attempt at my first shared computing box and I'd like to run the following on it:
    pfSense amd64
    server 2k8
    w7x64 (probably 4-5 instances)

    Hardware is a Dell Precision T5500 with 2x xeon 5690 CPUs (12 cores 24 threads) and has 72GB DDR3 ECC RAM.

    Machine has a single onboard NIC (Broadcom) and also has 1x Intel Pro 1000 PT Quad NIC.
    (5 physical interfaces = 20 virtual interfaces)

    This seems fairly straightforward - I can sort out windows installs, etc.

    I'm not sure if my issue is because I'm using the free version of XenServer or if its related to my lack of experience.

    I'm having a hard time assigning specific hardware to specific tasks.

                  __________          ____________
    WAN1 -> | pf sense hw| --> | 16port switch | ---> LAN (just a few computers - small office)
    WAN2 -> ||       ||
                                             | ddwrt router  |
                                             |____________| - -> virtual box with PF

    So I've been trying a few different things - total experimentation - such as letting Windows 7 pull from my dd-wrt router for internet AND my HW pf box for VPN, etc. just playing around.

    I can not assign a physical interface on my pf box only one of the four virtual MACs given to me. I isolated it with the dd-wrt router because I thought that was easier than pushing two pf instances together.

    Do I need to use up all of the virtual interfaces per HW interface before moving to the next or can I use VI 0, 1 on HW interface 0 and then jump to VI 0, 1 (or 2, 3, 4) on HW interface #2?

    Thx  sorry this is so basic. I wasn't expecting the virtual interface assignment at the XenServer level.

    Also, since HT is turned on and I have all 24 "cores" available to me is there anything I can do to assign pfsense at least one HW core?

  • Can anyone who knows XenServer help me with installing the XenServer tools to pfSense? Is this possible?

    All of my NICs are showing up as 100baseTX <full-duplex>.

    This was the case on the windows installs as well until I installed the XenServer Tools.

    It has a Windows and a Linux option but nothing else.

    Looking for the proper drivers for these Citrix/Xen virtual interfaces.


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