Block LAN userX -> LAN fails

  • Hi,

    I want to block LAN userX to be able to access local LAN. Only succeeded blocking to WAN.
    I tried exactly in the way as on picture below:

    • putting same rules in floating rules
    • resetted state stables
      It doesn't work… UserX can still access (testcase) http-port 80 of the local network printer

  • Your rules are ok, but networking details aren't

    Firewall helps you on border of network, where trafic is changing subnet. Inside LAN trafic is sent via MAC-addressess, and those guestions are done by clients/switches mainly.
    If you want to use pfsense to block this one user, then you should put pfsense between user and lan.

  • I see… another NIC with subnet... have some space left... :-) tnx!

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