Two routers, one NIC

  • Hello everyone, I'm fairly new with pfSense, just starting to dive into it with my new job here. This is hopefully a pretty easy question for you guys. Thanks in advanced for the help.

    I'm setting up a guest wireless network but we only have one open NIC on our pfSense box (barring the NIC with the internet connection.) I've plugged the new router into the network, gave it it's own subnet, turned DHCP on and off and nothing seems to work. Any device that connects to this new router goes straight to the pfSense box and gets an IP from it.

    I am wondering how everyone else gets their pfSense box to see this traffic coming from the guest wireless router differently so that I can make separate rules for it. And there isn't an option for adding another NIC, all of the extra slots are filled. What's the best way to go about this?

  • If it is a true router, then you will want to plug the WAN side into the main network and then let the DHCP on the WIFI and LAN switch do the job. If it is only an Access Point, then you can plug it in and everyone get on your main network.
    You can segregate the network with VLAN if you have VLAN capable switch.

  • Awesome thank you!

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