Dual WAN - Specific Ports on each Gateway

  • Good day, I am completely confused on how to make Firewall Rules which regards in pointing a specific ports to a specific gateway.

    For e.g:
                Port:      80            –--- > WAN (default) ISP 1
                Port:      Others      ----- > OPT1 ISP 2

    I want to set-up a pfbox with no fail over & load balancing feature, I just need the traffic routing to a specific gateway with specific ports with it. Co'z every time I am about to create rules, I am nowhere to find placing the rules that I have created, (Floating, WAN, LAN, or OPT). Can someone do share his talents on how to make a simple Firewall Rules like I have mentioned?

    Thanks a lot in advanced!  ;)

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  • Thanks ptt

    I've read about that, yet for me and to those who are not so good with networking might get more confused in terms of reading guides.
    Would you mind sharing examples of your own Firewall Rules and care of explaining them? I know this sounds demanding but I hope you'll understand.
    Thanks once again! ^_^

  • Rules > Lan (for allow PC on LAN to use Internet).

    Ex : all trafic must use aDSL1 (WAN) excep WEB's rule, you must configure WAN1 on "Default Gateway" (System > Routing = edit WAN1 gateway). Next, you must setup WEB Rule to use a non default gateway.
    Create a WEB rule (port 80), and in "Advanced features" (when you edit rule), go to GATEWAY and choose the good gateway for this traffic (OPT1).

  • Thanks jey-b for additional info about Firewall Rule.

    LAN –-|
             (ISP 1 Default) Any rule - Set for Online Gaming.
             Rule 1 ------ Port 80 to Gateway ISP 2
             Rule 2 ------ Any Rule to default gateway

    Will this kind of set rules separates Internet Browsing (Port 80) from default the gateway?


  • yes :)
    try changes with my-ip.com :p

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