Public WIFI interface Assigns IP, but no Internet Access

  • All,

    I've researched all the forums and websites I could find.  I can not get a secondary interface to have access to the internet.  I followed the various turtorials to set up a Private LAN on one interface with wired pc's and a wireless access point (netgear wireless router with DHCP disabled). This works fine.  I have another interface with a Linksys access point (also a router with DHCP disabled).  I have enabled DHCP on that interface and set up a firewall.  On the firewall for this interface, I choose 'all' for protocal, and 'not' for Lan subnet destination.  All seems to match the tutorials, but I am having problems.  When I connect wirelessly, I get a correct IP address, but have no access to the internet.

    Any ideas


  • Hi.

    "wirelessly, => no access to the internet". Does this mean that when you connect by wire, you have access ?
    Do you use the Capive Portal ?
    What are the firewall rules on this interface ? (You are posting in the Firewall forum, but not showing any rules ….).

    You tested the NIC ?

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