2 WAN interfaces. How to: instance of OpenVPN in/out on WAN2

  • Long story but the goal is to have OpenVPN on WAN2 so that onsite employees in the office will not have bandwidth issues on WAN1.  We use ip authentication at a remote location to allow our IP address from local HQ in.  I am trying to setup OpenVPN on our 2nd WAN interface (WAN2) so that mobile users can remote to the HQ and then get into the datacenter on our public HQ public IP.

    WAN1 = Primary internet (pfSense default gateway)
    WAN2 = Secondary internet

    I've setup OpenVPN following the "roadwarrior TLS" tutorial I found on google.  I have it correctly working if I use WAN1.  But when I kill that, and repeat the same steps using WAN2 I can only get local access, no internet.  It's got to be a firewall rule or something to do with routes, but I have tried everything I can think of and can not get it working :(

    I would appreciate any help here…

  • If you are using OpenVPN and UDP than try this:

    • OpenVPN Server should listen on LAN interface
    • PortForward from WAN1 to LAN for OpenVPN
    • PortForward from WAN2 to LAN for OpenVPN

    As far as I know there are "LoadBalancing" problems in OpenVPN and UDP with two or more WAN interfaces.
    Perhaps you found some more information on the forum relating to UDP und Multi-WAN

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