WiFi As interface for WAN

  • First i wish to say this is my 1st post regarding to any troubles related to pfSense. This is more than great product and almost everything is  self-explanatory but im stuck in one issue that i cannot resolve cause i don't find (google) any resources regarding to it.
    I have DWL-g520 wireless card and 2 same lan cards (rl0,rl1) inserted in old pc that serve as firewall. my idea was like this:
    1. To set wifi card (ral0) to be Wan interface. To make configuration that connect it to local wifi router.
    2. To bridge rl0 and rl1 as RLX
    3. One part of bridge( RLX-> rl0) to go to local switch that connect wired PC's
    4. Second part of bridge ( RLX-> rl1) to go to local high output power AP to connect wireless PC's
    5. To setup dhcp serv, squid, squidguard, openVPN, captive portal, freeradius, firewall rules…etc...)

    Parts 2-5 are done and working flawlessly there is no problem cause i tested them. My issue is part 1.
    It seems i cannot find a setup page that require of me to input BSSID of my wifi router, encription, wifi key, chanel, mtu etc.... that is required to connect ral0 on it. I can set it as wan interface but i cannot configure where it can connect. no matter if ad it as direct interface or 1st create interface->wireless add it there. and then i add that interface to wan connection. btw when i add it in interfaces->wireless it can only support 3 modes BSS IBSS and AP , AP mode tested with my card and work perfectly, rest of them i try to configure but without luck.
    ok as far i know IBSS is adhoc mode and i dont need it, and BSS is what i need to associate my ral0 card to wifrouter but i cannot find setup page ...... any input on this would be apriciated . Tnx

  • If you go to Interfaces -> (assign) and click on the Interface assignments tab it should show the WAN interface has Network Port ral0.

    Then if you go to Interfaces -> WAN and the Enable Interface box is ticked you should be able to set the wireless parameters further down the page.

  • No additional setting for further parameters input are not shown, that is my issue i cannot find anywhere to input a parameters. so i ask is there any way to create that. Or i must did something wrong….

  • Problem solved…..it was as Einstein predicted that only 2 things are infinite universe and human stupidity, and he wasn't sure about universe.
    Anyway solution.
    1. In Interfaces>Assign->Wireless as i suspected add ur wireless clone as BSS under some name.
    2. Then in Interfaces> choose for wan that particular clone of wireless card
    3. Next step in Interfaces>WAN way down properly configure parameters of ur home wireless network, BSS, encription, channel key etc.
    4. In System-> General setup just switch on 1st dns server from none to WAN
    apply each step, and everything work as charm. Cheers

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