Captive Portal - Radius - dynamic radius server

  • Hello.

    Applogies if this is the wrong area;

    We have a stable and functioning pfsense setup that is working extremely well. Its using nanobsd v2.0-RELEASE on a 1gb CF card.

    Its setup at a holiday site that presents the guests with the captive portal login to prevent casual access and authenticate against a radius server on another site which is linked in with their booking details.

    The minor problem is that the radius server is on a dynamic IP (i know..) whilst it rarely changes it does from time to time and so then users are unable to login obviously as the server seems to have gone away, until one of the admins login to the portal to correct the IP of the radius server.

    Is there a way within pfsence to configure a hostname for the radius server to authenticate against rather than specifying the IP? -

    Thanks in advance,

  • i never tried by technically if you edit the config.xml manually and put an hostname instead of ip(since the GUI does not allow iirc), it should work.

  • Thanks , I'll give it a go.

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